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Business Week – February 5 1996

Apple - Business Week cover (Feb 5 1996)


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How to create ISO image on Apple Mac

I was somehow surprised that ‘Disk’ utility on a Mac does not seem to have this function. Fortunately it it fairly easy to accomplish this task from a command line:

1. Check status of the CD/DVD drive

$ drutil status
Vendor Product Rev

Type: CD-ROM Name: /dev/disk1
Sessions: 1 Tracks: 1
Overwritable: 00:00:00 blocks: 0 / 0.00MB / 0.00MiB
Space Free: 00:00:00 blocks: 0 / 0.00MB / 0.00MiB
Space Used: 56:13:19 blocks: 252994 / 518.13MB / 494.13MiB

2. Unmount disk.

$ diskutil umountDisk /dev/disk1
Unmount of all volumes on disk1 was successful

3. Create ISO image.

$ dd if=/dev/disk1 of=myisofile.iso bs=2048

or to create image of first session (s0):

$ dd if=/dev/disk1s0 of=myisofile.iso  

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